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Hi guys!

Welcome to our new website! Recently, we have changed our name from Endless Summer to Music Travel Love in order to better describe who we are and what we do. We travel the world with our mobile studio to find awesome destinations and record live performances. Here, you’ll be able to check out where we’ve been in addition to new music, upcoming tour dates, and more. Thanks for following us on our journey!

Much love,

-Bob and Clint



Stay tuned for new show announcements in 2019!


Sample some of the sounds from MTL. Available to stream everywhere.



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Meet the Band

Get outside, you never know where you’ll find yourself.
— Bob + Clint

Shot in Nashville, TN



MTL is a Canadian brother duo comprised of Bob and Clint Moffatt. Professionally performing from the early age of 4 with over 5,000 live performances, Clint and Bob certainly fall within the category of seasoned entertainers.

Along with their brothers, Scott and Dave, The Moffatts were signed to Polydor Records in Nashville and became the youngest band to ever sign a major label record deal. Over the course of their career they sold in excess of six million records, recorded 7 albums, have Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries, performed at one of the first ever paid concerts in China, performed the first ever outdoor stadium concert in Vietnam and, to this day, hold album sales records for an international act in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore!

In 2006, Clint and Bob moved back to Nashville where they reestablished their careers as songwriters. They signed at Wrensong/Reynsong Publishing in 2010 and have successfully written there for the past 8 years. It is there where they became known as the band, MTL. They have released 2 incredible EPs – In 2015, they released a single Goodbye Baby on The Highway Sirius XM that charted in the top 20. In October of 2016, MTL released their first EP, and the first single Amen for Women, which in a matter of weeks eclipsed well over 2 million views. Their most recent EP, Happy ‘N High, is written, sung by and produced by Bob and Clint in their very own studio. Their first single, “One More Minute” is currently out on all streaming platforms and catching rapid momentum.

While writing for their own project, they also write for other artists and projects. They have had three songs on Canadian artist Jimmy Rankin’s past album.  Additionally, they’ve had two of their songs entitled “Done Runnin’” and “I’ve Got You (And You’ve Got Me)” performed on the ABC primetime show, Nashville.

In 2018, MTL released a series of traveling studio videos which they titled Music, Travel, Love and it is their most recent and exciting project. Combining their love for music, travel and their families, Bob and Clint pack up their studio in a few small backpacks, head across the world to find the most beautiful destinations they can reach and film videos of both covers and their own originals. These videos are then shared across all of their rapidly growing social media platforms and YouTube – as well, every song is available on all streaming services.  To date, the three videos that they have released “Body Like A Back Road”, “Stand By Me” and “Tequila” have totaled over 74,000 views on YouTube and over 270,000 views on Facebook with an above average share rate. This project is one they plan to grow throughout the year and be able to share with their fans all over the world!



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